Best Bargains Inc. Cash and Carry

cash and carryBest Bargains Inc. offers a cash and carry policy for all of our goods. A term coined in World War II, in modern times, this term means you can enjoy lower prices by paying with cash and loading all the goods yourself to take to your home or business. Our policy is simple and straightforward.

For large quantity orders for restaurants and other businesses, cash and carry means we do not deliver the goods, but taking them back with you yourself allows you to experience a lower cost. Pick out your cart, shop at your own pace, and pay for your purchase as you leave. We do not have a minimum purchase amount for bulk items and do not have to buy a certain amount to receive discounts. All of our products provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Bargains Inc. can provide you with wholesale prices rather than retail. While we don’t deliver, our friendly associates can help you locate the best products for your needs and inform you when new items will be shipped to the store. We can also accommodate special orders.