Wholesale Food Service in Burlington, WI

goods on the shelvesBest Bargains Inc. also provides wholesale food service for many organizations including restaurants, office cafeterias and break rooms, festivals and events, food pantries, schools, hospitals, churches, and more. We also work with home meal replacement programs and assisted living facilities. We look for the right products at the best prices. We negotiate freight fees and find the lowest ones to keep your costs low as well.

Best Bargains Inc. also provides paper and plastic dinnerware including napkins, silverware, plates, and cups. We carry well known brands such as Heinz, Butterball, Nestle, Perdue, Farmland, and Land O’ Lakes. We have pork, processed meats, seafood, lamb and veal, produce, canned goods, condiments, and frozen foods.

Our store is laid out simply and clearly for convenient shopping whether you are stopping in for ingredients for tonight’s dinner or stocking up for your business for the next month. Our aisles are organized and spacious with simple packaging and plenty of selections. Our practicality over glamour approach keeps our products at a low cost. We have large deli counter and many friendly associates available to assist you.

Purchasing large quantities packaged in bulk saves you money because retail priced stores don’t have to unload and stock small packages, so you don’t pay more for restocking fees. Best Bargains Inc. is the best choice for purchasing large amounts of food and restaurant supplies in the Burlington, WI area.

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